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Petit Smiles Pediatric Dentist

Petit Smiles Pediatric Dentist


United States, Coral Gables
About me:

Petit Smiles Pediatric Dentistry specializes in caring for and serving infants, children, and teens. Our offices are bright and cheerful. Our staff is outgoing and friendly. We want to make each of your children’s visits enjoyable and amazing. We want your child to have healthy smiles forever. And it starts in our office.

Our Pediatric Dentists and staff members will make your child’s first visit — and every one thereafter — enjoyable and memorable. Our Pediatric Dentists will help your child develop proper oral hygiene practices early and teach them how to focus on prevention so many problems never even get started. Your child will see how fun it is to go to the Pediatric Dentist. It is an amazing experience. After all, when you start strong, you can finish strong.

We want our patients to feel like family, which is why we go above and beyond to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy. Here’s the Complete Information:

Name: Petit Smiles Pediatric Dentist

Address: 1535 Sunset Drive Coral Gables, FL 33143

Phone: (800) 895-1570