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Complex Station of Filling "KSF-1" (Filling Line)

Complex Station of Filling "KSF-1" (Filling Line)

$16,083.12 / pcs


We present to your attention a complete station for filling in big bags. The original gripping system has a wide range of adjustments, which allows you to fill big bags with various sizes and configurations. For convenience, the station is equipped with a big-bag inflation unit, so you don't have to straighten the big-bags manually. Weighing is carried out using platform scales, which are installed under the conveyor with a control panel and an electronic display to determine the dosing accuracy. Dosing is carried out by the operator using a slide (manual) valve. After the weighing process, the big bag moves along conveyors to the point of unloading. It is recommended to remove the Big Bag from the conveyor using a forklift or stacker. Specifications: 1. Accumulative hopper: 5.5 m3 with 4 mm metal thickness adjustable in height in the range from 3200 mm to 3900 mm. 2. Unit for blowing a big-run with a rotation speed of 3000 rpm and a power of 1.1 kW. 3. Gate valve with big bags gripping system and brackets. 4. Lamellar conveyor 1.5 m: working bed width - 1.1 m, drive power - 2.2 kW, travel speed - 0.3 m / s. 5. Lamellar conveyor 6 m: working bed width - 1.1 m, drive power - 4 kW, travel speed - 0.3 m / s. 6. Platform scales 1.5x1.5 m, load - 3 tons. 7. The operator platform is equipped with steps and handrails. 8. The electric control cabinet is equipped with the function of starting and stopping the movement of the conveyors, an automatic system for stopping the conveyors when the big run is reached the final position, an emergency stop button and a button for turning on the lighting above the operator's platform. 9. Weight 3600 kg