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Pomalid 4 mg Capsule

Pomalid 4 mg Capsule

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Pomalid 4 mg capsule is a prescription medicine, taken along with the medicine dexamethasone, used to treat adults with multiple myeloma (a type of cancer that affects white blood cells) who have previously received at least 2 medicines to treat multiple myeloma, including a proteasome inhibitor and lenalidomide, and whose disease has become worse during treatment or within 60 days of finishing the last treatment. It works in 3 ways -

Helps enhance the function of certain cells used by the immune system to fight myeloma.

Targets and kills myeloma cells.

Helps reduce new myeloma cell growth by limiting blood supply.

Manufactured by - Natco Pharma Ltd.

Composition - Pomalidomide 4 mg

Packing - Pack of 21 Capsules

How to Take: Take Pomalid 4 mg with water, once a day as directed by your doctor. It can be taken with or without food. Do not break, chew, or open your capsules. If powder from the capsules contacts the skin, wash the skin immediately and thoroughly with soap and water. If this medicine contacts the mucous membranes e.g. the eyes, flush thoroughly with water. Take it at about the same time each day. If you are on hemodialysis, take pomalidomide after hemodialysis.

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