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UkrainePoltava,  Ukraine
Serum dry demyrilized

Serum dry demyrilized

$1.51 / kg


41Dry milk whey - a product obtained as a result of drying cheese, cottage cheese or casein whey, which is a by-product of milk processing. Serum is produced from raw materials that have not undergone genetic changes. The whey has a sweet-salty taste, sour, without extraneous tastes and smells. It is a finely dispersed powder, the presence of lumps that easily crumble under mechanical impact is allowed. Color from white to yellow. Areas of application: confectionery industry and bakery industry (gives the dough great splendor, improves taste qualities, ideal distribution of fat in the mass); , viscosity, increase in nutritional value, prevention of blueness, provides a creamier structure, helps to lower the freezing point of ice cream); meat industry (helps to improve the consistency, increases the viscosity of minced meat, prevents the release of fat from the emulsion, improves the color of finished meat clear products);brewing industry (used as an enzyme activator in the preparation of beer wort); stabilizers, thickeners and other food additives (whey proteins of whey have the property of binding water, forming viscous solutions); (when preparing special drinks based on milk whey); cosmetic industry; fodder for agricultural animals. Type of packaging: Bags of 15-25 kg

Place of Origin: Ukraine

Packaging and Delivery:

Packaging: two-layer paper bag Delivery: FCA

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