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UkraineKremenchuk,  Ukraine
  • "LEV" trailer plant
    "LEV" trailer plant We manufacture and sell trailers.
car trailer

car trailer

$480.45 / pcs


Internal sizes of basket, mm Length of platform 2000 Width of platform 1300 Height of side 460 Pendant is spring-shock Amount of axes a 1 Brake is not required Tires of R13; R14 the Monaxonic economic trailer for transportation of loads. A trailer perfectly will suit to ALL for the use in economic aims. Possesses enhanceable stability due to strengthening of basket and bottom of проф. by a pipe 40х40 and 60х60. For greater reliability of basket a model is equipped by an increase tailboard. Advantages of model of trailer are a 2013 -задний side folding, быстросъемный -возможность to fasten a load on a perimeter by means of loops of -установлены rib of inflexibility -удлиненная pin of -усиленный tailboard SO In a presence And UNDER ORDER great NUMBER of DIFFERENT TRAILERS. оБШИРНЫЙ CHOICE of DIFFERENT MODELS of TRAILERS

Place of Origin: Ukraine

Packaging and Delivery:

Delivery by a transport company САТ on all Ukraine