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Packaging for semi-finished products

Packaging for semi-finished products

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In order for the product to be noticed, it is necessary that, firstly, it was of high quality, and secondly, it must attract attention, standing out from the competition. This applies to both new products that are just being introduced to the market and existing ones, when you need to stimulate sales or attract even more buyers to the product. Great attention should be paid to the optimal choice of packaging. For more than 10 years of operation, our company knows exactly what customers like and what they need to emphasize. That is why we offer all our customers free design. The main function that packaging must perform is protective. Flexible packaging from Logogroup has excellent barrier characteristics and protects the product from external factors. Packaging with a logo for semi-finished products of our production do not leak and perfectly keep temperature. In addition to protective functions, packaging is responsible for attracting attention. That is, the appearance, in our case, packaging for dumplings, should distinguish the product from many analogues. Usually, it takes only a few seconds (3-5 seconds) to create an impulse in the buyer that will be directed to the purchase of a particular product.

Price conditions:

Price on plastic bags depends on sizes, thickness, number of colors and the complexity of printing.

Packaging and Delivery:

Any way convenient for you.