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Tire bags from the manufacturer

Tire bags from the manufacturer

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The most common buyers of plastic bags for tires are tire fittings, car repair shops, workshops and shops specializing in tire sales. It would seem, why spend money on such things. But we want to disagree. It is enough to imagine that the customer came to crawl the car, the service was provided, but where to pack the wheels if the trunk is busy or everyone does not fit. And if there is still rain on the street. Hence the soiled salon, the sink and the not so pleasant memories of the service. Like a trifle, but the customer is unlikely to return. It will be nicer to go where professionals work and know how not to give the client difficulties. To put it another way, all car owners are facing a "sliding" of the car. However, not every home has a garage where tires can be stored. However, if some part of the premises has been cleared for this purpose, the question arises: "How to pack them?" In such cases, tire polyethylene packaging will be required. Tire polyethylene packaging are special plastic bags made of durable material that are very resistant to stretching and damage, made to fit tire sizes. Used as packaging, for transportation or storage, this solution will protect the tires from: - premature aging; - humidity; - pollution; - condensation; - retains the appearance of tires. The polyethylene from which Logogroup manufactures tire packs is sufficiently resistant to tensile and mechanical damage. We offer to order polyethylene bags with a logo for tires wholesale. It is profitable to buy these products in bulk, as the cost depends on the circulation. Logogroup has been in the market for and other flexible packaging for a long time, so it knows all the nuances and parameters that each package should possess.

Price conditions:

Price on plastic bags depends on sizes, thickness, number of colors and the complexity of printing.

Packaging and Delivery:

Any way convenient for you.