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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a platform that helps to grow your business and digitally introduce your content, if you have any knowledge about digital marketing then you will know how much power is there in digital marketing.

The development of digital marketing is inseparable from great technology development. One of the first key events happened in 1971 when Ray Tomlinson sent the first email.

Digital marketing started in the year 1894 when Guglielmo Marconi makes the first radio, when digital marketing started, people started marketing their products or services with radio.

Seeing this, marketing started happening on television and people believed that if any product is marketed, that product will definitely sell quickly.

Today 2021 is operational and we have a platform or category whereby we can do digital marketing in a different way, like email marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), content marketing, SMM (social media marketing ), Affiliate marketing, paid truth, etc.

Friends, if you want to invite people to any business, product, or service, then digital marketing is the best option, digital marketing is very cheap and effective, which presents digitally to your business or product and brings an organic customer to your business. 

If I want to rank my blog quickly on the Google search engine, then I will digitally market that blog and target one keyword, which will give me good organic traffic in the coming time.

Friends, you can do digital marketing for free and even by paying money, if you do digital marketing for free, you will have to take a lot of effort the gain traffic but if you use paid service, you will get quick results.

Why useful Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing helps your business grow, at this time if you do not digitalize your business, you will have trouble in growing your business further, and someone else will overtake you, which will hurt you.

At such times you will have to take your business online, let's see how? follow this step to go online. 


1) create your Business website

2) create your Business E-mail

3) Run ads campaign on the social media platform

4) Write blogs about your business

5) make strong SEO of your website 

We help you To do This thing DB Infotech 

These 5 steps increase your business growth and increase sales, you create your social presence like create social media pages or accounts, create blogs or youtube channel to write and show information about the business.  

10 Tips to Start a Digital Marketing:-

1) Create Online Presence

2) Use your own creativity

3) say "yes" anything

4) learn about analytics

5) get some experience

6) know the latest trends

7) create a winning resume

8) get out there and network

9) get prepare for every job

10) get a trusted certificate

If you want to move forward in the field of digital marketing, then you have to follow all these tips, if you have some different tricks, then you can share them with us, these tips will be very useful in your digital marketing career.

How to Start earning with digital Marketing?  

You can start digital marketing and you can earn good earnings, you only need to have good knowledge of digital marketing and should understand how digital marketing is done so that you can generate income by becoming your digital marketing agency.

If you have a personal blog or e-commerce website, you can promote them on Google Feet or social media platforms.

You can do a good salary job in a good company, then you can do freelancing, which will give you a good salary package.

Best Digital Marketing Training Courses:- 

Best Digital Marketing Training for Beginners in 2021

We have brought for you the 6 best digital marketing training courses that can make you a good digital marketer, we have researched and found these 6 digital marketing training courses and are presenting them to you now.

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