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Sun Valley Caregivers

Sun Valley Caregivers

Sun Valley Caregivers offers a number of different sorts of marijuana, as well as various strains, edibles, and other cannabis products.

Service company, Wellness, Health and Fitness
United States, Sun Valley

About Company:

Sun Valley Caregivers is the best Los Angeles cannabis dispensary that charges medicinal clients 14.5% tax and recreational consumers 19.5% tax, with 15% of the excise tax already included in the price of the product. Cannabis is a locally owned and operated business, as are all of our enterprises. Our cannabis dispensary staff in Los Angeles, with years of experience in the legal cannabis industry, is present daily in our shops. The dense cluster of flowers at the top of the cannabis plant is referred to as a flower when the plant has been dried. Our weed shop Los Angeles offers a variety of consumption options due to its adaptability. It can be smoked, rolled, placed in a joint, blunt, or water pipe, amongst other methods.

United States , Sun Valley
Company type:
Service company
Company industry:
Wellness, Health and Fitness
Company size:
11-50 employees