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Silq Rose

Silq Rose

buy chiffon hijab

Manufacturer, Fashion and Beauty
United Kingdom, London

About Company:

Silq Rose is an all-encompassing brand founded on the principles of self-care, empowerment, and mindfulness. Silq Rose was founded in 2019 with the goal of redefining modest fashion through practices and choices that are deeply rooted in our faith, as well as a strong desire to move away from the disastrous effects that the fast fashion industry has produced in the name of accessibility, such as the widespread use of toxic, synthetic, and harmful materials, chemically manufactured fabrics, and the exploitation of human resources. We provide a large number of hijabs made up of natural, biodegradable fabrics, innovative fibers and smart textiles which are very comfortable and easy to carry. Get to know more on our website, please visit.

United Kingdom , London
Year founded:
Company type:
Company industry:
Fashion and Beauty
Company size:
11-50 employees